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Multi-Metal Distributor & Processor

Moor Metals Inc. is a premier multi-metal distributor and processing company based in Holliston, Massachusetts. We are the gateway for all
your metal supplies. We have over 30 years experience in providing exceptional quality, value, and services to Industrial Buyers,
Department of Defense, Prime Contractors, and other Commercial Customers.

We provide value-added metals processing services and distribute a full line of over hundreds of metal products including other Specialty Metals sold to customers in a broad range of industries.

Our reputation for extremely high quality service sets us apart. All our metals conform to tight industry standards, feature top-grade materials characteristics, and come with excellent finishes.

We now carry Rubber Elastomers at Moor Metals.

At Moor Metals, Customer Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal.
Moor Metals – Where you get Moor services!

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Paul Maloney